Thursday, March 26, 2009

Custom Stuffed Owl Order Form

Here is the order form for the custom stuffed owl. Each custom owl is $20. You can order by commenting on this post, or sending an email to

First, pick a style:

Style A:

Style B:

Style C:


Main color of body:

Color of stomach accent:

Main color of wings:

Wing accents? If yes, color:

Color of beak:

Color of feet:

Circle patches under eyes? If yes, color:

Button accents? If yes, colors:

Flower on chest? If yes, color: Color of flower button:

Do you want your owl to be weighted so it will stand up straight? If yes, weighted with rice or pinto beans?:

For Style C only:
  • Color of Bandana:
  • Color of Bandana accents:

Any other comments:

Thank you for your order!

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